We exist to celebrate the beauty and power of Blackness in order to reclaim ownership of our story and reassert our true value.

Course coming Jan. 2022

This introductory course will take theatermakers through a series of explorations, workshops, and discussions covering the basics of creation in eXtended Reality.

  • Classes start the week of January 17th. Day and Time are TBD based on attendee availability.
  • Classes are $500/pp for 6 classes, 90 min each.
  • Oculus Quest or Quest 2 Headset required for attendance, will not be provided. (https://www.oculus.com/quest-2/)


We empower Black artists to plunge into the depths of their imagination with joyful abandon—for we know the power that lies within. Our people possess a limitless ability for creation that will no longer be stifled, stolen, and exploited. We are reclaiming the fruits of our labour and demanding recognition for our work. We are establishing Black creators as the preeminent innovators and leaders of the burgeoning XR sector. Black imagination will shape the entire industry and firmly embed our stories at the centre.

Unleashing Black imagination will lead to Black wealth.

We believe that live performance is at an impasse, that in a changing world burdened by exclusionary systems and emboldened by new technology, a seismic change can take place. Live performance and art has been stymied in inequitable practices both to audience and artist, limiting access and storytelling.

We believe this can change, that Black storytelling, Black imagination can redefine the possibilities of performance and narrative, embracing XR.

Black Imagination Artists


We envision a world being led into the future by a new generation of wealthy Black creators. By amplifying their voices, they will finally be free to tell our story—to unravel the richness of Black history and share our soul with the world. Their work will speak for itself. Black creators will find wealth. And not just financial wealth, but spiritual and emotional wealth as well, as they reclaim our heritage and take ownership of our people’s story. 

We envision a world where Black creators are being platformed on an unprecedented scale. This will transform the XR sector as we become the leaders and innovators of a revolutionary new industry. Black imagination will be the driving force behind the advancement of culture and technology. And our story will be at the center of it all.

As we have conversations with organizations and artists they worry the exploration of XR will result in a loss of their traditional audience, encouraging “safe” decisions usually centered around appealing to older, white audiences.

We see both this moment and technological possibilities, as an opportunity to push beyond this belief. A sense of community, depth of story, singular ephemeral experiences are what makes live performance special and those things aren’t exclusive to being in a place opposite a proscenium arch and stage lighting. 

Everything that makes a performance event unique can be recreated, built upon, and expanded. By migrating into virtual spaces, embracing scalability and opening ourselves to new audiences and possibilities.

Storytelling in XR is at a defining moment and the historically forward thinking,  unparalleled artistic vision of Black artists can shape this evolving medium. Black storytelling, the Black imagination will be the foundation on which XR narrative is built. It will allow a depth of experience to reach beyond the vision of technicians to the soul of a culture. We will begin this movement in the medium, allowing for shared wealth generation, ownership of intellectual property, and the celebration of Black Imagination.


The term XR stands for Extended Reality and is an umbrella term encapsulating Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and everything in between.

We have a vision of exploring XR’s platforms and technology to allow Black artists to experiment with live performance in XR and push the boundaries of what is possible. We see Black Imagination driving the next evolution of the XR space.